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After Hours Urgent Care FAQ-What to Expect

What is After Hours Urgent Care?

The After Hours Care Clinic office allows you to see a doctor or nurse without an appointment. Urgent Care in San Francisco is for untimely accidents and illnesses that require a doctor’s attention, but don’t require a trip to the emergency room.

These might include respiratory difficulties associated with asthma and allergies, sore throats, coughs, fever, rashes, minor injuries, headaches, vomiting and flu-like symptoms.
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Should I schedule an appointment at After Hours Care?

You can schedule an appointment if you like, but it’s not necessary. After Hours Care patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis or based on medical need.
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What should I bring to the After Hours Care office?

Bring your insurance card and a valid ID such as a driver’s license and all copayments and coinsurance per your insurance contract. Also, full payment if you are a self pay patient.
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Does an Urgent Care visit cost more than a visit with my primary care physician?

The office charge is about the same as a visit to your regular primary care doctor. There is an additional “after-hours” charge for urgent care visits, and most health insurance cover this charge. While your co-pay may be higher than that for a regular office visit, it’s usually lower than the co-pay for a visit to the emergency room. Depending on your insurance provider, you may be responsible for the entire charge. For questions about your coverage, please contact your insurance company whose phone number is located on the back of your insurance card.
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Whom should I call with billing questions?

For billing questions, call our billing department at 415-876-5762 ext 30 or 31 between 8:30-5:00 Monday thru Friday.
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How long will I have to wait to see a doctor?

Our experience is that most visits take a relatively short period of time. It’s hard to predict how long you may wait, because we take appointments and we see patients on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, patients with severe breathing problems, who are bleeding or who may have life-threatening medical conditions are treated first.

We appreciate your patience and pledge to provide prompt, effective, and professional care.
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When should I go to the emergency room or call 911?

Go to the emergency room for injuries that are serious or that may be life-threatening.

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Call 911 immediately if you have a medical emergency and need transportation to the hospital.

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